Top Reasons to Choose Our School Management Software?

Single system for School/College/University or All together.

Courses Management with and without semesters.

Generate own timetable for Staff/Student with print option.

Lesson plan management and tracking with detailed report.

Offline, Online and Scheduled exams support.

Student promotions(promote, detained and course completion), attendance management.

Graphical marks, attendance reports for individual and class.

Id card generation with multi template options.

7 Type of users (Owner, Admin, Staff, Student, Parent, Librarian, Asst. Librarian).

Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question.

Online and offline school fee payment system.

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Our Software Features

Academic Years Management

1) Maintain the list of Academic years or Batch years
2) Allocate Courses to respective Academic Years (ex. 2016-2020 you can allocate and Pharmacy and etc…)
3) Option to enable/disable the academic years to show in list of the system

Course Management

1) Maintain the Courses Master
2) Option for two level of courses i.e, parent and child courses
3) Option to set the duration for each course
4) Option for setting year wise variable no. of semesters for a particular course

Course Allocation to Selected Academic Year

1) To allocate the course, simply Drag and Drop the course to selected academic year
2) Simply drag and drop the subjects for selected course

Staff Allocation to course and particular subject in the course

1) Allocate staff to Selected Class/Year for a Course with easy drag and drop support
2) Allocate subjects to this staff of the course
3) Set the maximum no. of sessions needed for this subject and staff
4) While allotting the staff to specific subject, the admin can view the preferred subjects given by staff

Timetable Creation

1) Set-Up the no. of periods per day with timings
2) After selecting particular course and year the list of staff will be available who are allotted the selected course and year
3) On mouse hover on the staff, it will show the free and busy timings on graph
4) Option to print class/self timetable for student/staff

Lesson plans

1) Option to update the lesson plans for staff to the allocated subject of a course
2) Clean reports to show the percentage of syllabus completed for a subject
3) Detailed topic wise report with completed date

Offline, Online, Scheduled Exams

1) We have given option to add offline exams where the marks can be uploaded manually
2) Online exams are normal exams the user can take
3) Scheduled exams are visible for specific time for selected list of course and years
4) Detailed individual and class wise reports with percentage calculation and graphical report

Attendance Management

1) Option for taking attendance for staff who got allocated to class
2) Detailed report of attendance in calendar with no. of classes held for that day
3) On click of the subject, detailed list of topics covered with the staff information
4) Detailed report of class and individual with percentage calculation

Many More Features

1) Promotions Module
2) Library Management System
3) Transfer Certificates Management
4) ID Card Generation
5) Question Bank
6) Learning Management System (LMS)
7) Fee Payments Module

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